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Andy Rubin, the guy who created android initially and later was hired by Google to lead the “Android Project” is all set to reveal his “Essential” Smartphone this year. Essential will also be the name of the brand that Andy Rubin is creating. The device model is named Essential FIH-PM1

The device has Qualcomm’s most awaited 835 SoC with an Adreno 540 GPU with 4Gigs of Ram which is quite common these days.It will have 10GB of storage which may change to 16GB when it hits store shelves. The The device will run on Android 7.0 Nougat, Google’s Latest Offering which maybe skinned a little. The Smartphone seems to have a bezel-less design which is a new trend in smartphone. Bezel Less Designs makes reading , playing games or videos on a smartphone quite awesome. The device has a resolution of 2560×1312 pixels and it is said to have 5.5 inches of pressure sensitive display. Other specifications include a 12MP rear and a 7MP front cameras. Also some rumors say its modular phone.

Here’s a GFXBench Screenshot about specification of this device.

Essential-IT Helpers

Since Andy Rubin is the creator of Android itself, it would be a great to see what he is offering in terms of performance and design. We have high hopes with Essential.

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