Fuchsia OS – The Successor to Android ?

Last year August 2016, Google started a new project called – FUCHSIA. Fuchsia = Pink+ Purple (A flower found in Carribean Islands). Though it was started in mid of 2016, the recent leak in Google I/O 2017 showed the future of the operating systems. Fuchsia OS is more than a simple real time operating system as it as grown up capabilities and capability based Security Model. Will it replace android is still a mystery !!! A developer can find  sources on Github(link in the footnore).

The upcoming OS is based on kernel itself built by Google known as “Magenta” rather than depending on linux kernel (kernel = central part of the OS). Linux kernel is base for both the Android (OS found in mobile phones) and Chrome OS (found in Google’s desktop and laptops). Meanwhile, Armandillo which is built is Google’s Flutter SDK (SDK = Software Development Kit). with Armandillo, different cards can be dragged around for use in a split-screen or tabbed interface, also it supports Google Now, but no further info is available unfortunately 🙁

The interface of Fuchsia OS can be seen in the screenshots below :


Fuchsia OS


Fuchsia OS

As from the images shown above it clear that the upcoming OS will support google now and has a new keyboard rather than Gboard(Google’s keyboard). For the users having curiosity an APK is available over the internet provided in footnote. There is no exact release date of Fuchsia OS, but it will take a year or two to make it fully stable for devices, as Google has also started its work on ext gen Android, successor of Android N (nougat) which will be Android O (features of the new upgrade will be in next article). Which and how many devices will fuchsia be available is unknown as Samsung has its own project TIZEN, Huawei with Lite OS. So again everything is a big mysterty !!!

Footnote :

  1. Github Link : https://github.com/fuchsia-mirror/magenta
  2. Armandillo APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=OB_l-lZTiTll7Vk0tRElJeDJkaWRjR1VnRkxiOXZFU1dYT0Vr
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