INTEL Core i9 – The most powerful processor money can buy


After optimizing i3,i5,i7 year after year Intel Is coming up with a new chip, the 18-core monster is finally unveiled. There will be 2 chips coming in two variants a) Intel i9-7920X(12 cores) will be launched in August and b) Intel i9-7980XE(18 cores) will be launched in October later this year. Core i9 is the fifth PC processor family moving from i3, i5, i7 to i9. As per the numerical order, it is certain that i9 will be most aggressive, efficient and expensive.


The core i9 family consists of the popular Skylake architecture, with the processors including 10,12,14,16 cores. It is certain that Intel doesn’t consider the 6-core and 8-cores architecture worthy enough for the i9 family to carry along, so the processor i7 will be carrying those architectures.

The i9 series also supports quad-channel DDR4 memory at speeds of up to 2666mHz, considerably faster than the previous Core i7 chips…and the more expensive models coming later this year might do even better. Ditto for the expansion-friendly PCI Express lanes, up to 44 or more from a previous 16. The i9-7900X uses a base clock of 3.3GHz with Intel’s Turbo Boost 3.0 bumping it up to 4.5GHz under ideal conditions—and that’s before any kind of end-user overclocking, which is encouraged thanks to the X-series’ unlocked status. Again, the more expensive chips slated for release later this year will probably beat those numbers.

AMD also announced its upcoming processor Threadripper and other Ryzen chips are unlikely to dethrone Intel in terms of pure speed. But then, unless you’re building an industrial-level server or constantly editing 4K video, you don’t really need that much power anyway. For some gamers who can’t afford expensive chips like i9, AMD has won quite a few hearts by providing chips with competitive performances at many affordable prices, the 16 core version of the upcoming Threadripper has rumored around 850$ almost half of Intel(7980XE). For those who don’t consider money as a constraint have just to worry about the release date.

The pricing policy:

Core i9 Extreme Edition:

  • Core i9-7980XE: 18 cores/36 threads, $1,999

Core i9:

  • Core i9-7960X: 16 cores/32 threads, $1,699
  • Core i9-7940X: 14 cores/28 threads, $1,399
  • Core i9-7920X: 12 cores/24 threads, $1,199
  • Core i9-7900X (3.3GHz): 10 cores/20 threads, $999



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