Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer

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It seems that Reliance has finally found a new way to continue its “Summer Surprise Offer”. Jio Summer Surprise was taken down on April 6 due to it not being a fair competition by TRAI, but according to this new banner moving around the internet, it might as well be available for Non-Prime members as well as New Customers at a fair rate.
The New plans for the prime customer will be 309+99 totaling amount of 408 Rs. Non-Prime Member can recharge the same with 309 RS with Unlimited at Nights 2-5am. It seems unlimited at nights is available for non-prime members as well as those using JioFi Devices to connect to the internet.
Jio has become a beacon of hope for those who want affordable internet. We are also looking forward to Jio’s Broadband offering currently in the testing phase in Mumbai dubbed to India’s first broadband company with 1GBPS bandwidth.

Jio Dhan dhana dhan offer - IT Helpers

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