Vadodara Gets Jiofi-ed !

As you know, we have already posted about Jio Gigafibre on our blog some days back. Finally there’s some news that Jio is finally arriving in Surat and Vadodara (my home) sometime near Diwali. The plans state that Jio Fibre will give a speed of 100Mbps with 100GB per month for 3months at a security and installation deposit of 4500Rs which is refunfable.

It will be available in Vadodara at places with following Pincode.

It will quite revolutionary because currently in Vadodara there are no such providers with such speeds. This gap being filled by Jio will create quite a stir of competition for other players like YOU Broadband, GTPL, Railwire etc.
Well this won’t be the first time Jio revolutionizes something.

Plan details are discussed here


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