Windows PageFile What Not & How to ?

What is RAM and SWAP-I T Helpers

The Windows pagefile is a term for virtual RAM, that is taken from hard disk and used under circumstances where higher amount of RAM maybe required. PageFile helps Windows executes programs with ease.

But if you have a low-end PC, you might as well it badly so here’s how you configure it.

Step 1. Right Click on “My Computer/ this PC (for win 10 user)” icon and click on Properties.

Step 2. On the Left Pane there’s “Advanced System Properties” click it and a tab will open.

Step 3. The again Advanced > Performance > Settings

Step 4. New Setting tab, then Navigate to Advanced > Virtual Memory > Change (click it).

There are many options to choose, confused huh ?

Windows OS both 32 bit and 64 bit both have specific limits. The maximum amount for 32 bit OS is 4096 and the maximum amount for 64 bit OS is 16GB.

Remember the PageFile is always 1.5 or 2x the size of RAM.

If your PCs RAM is 2GB then your PageFile should also be in 2GB that means Windows will have 4GB virtual RAM, but keep in mind the virtual RAM speed depends on Read/Write speeds of your hard drive. So faster the gard drive faster the RAM. Pagefile is also known as “Virtual RAM” and in Linux. it is called “Swap” but Linux handles memory differently and we’ll discuss that some other time.

Automatically manage pages files for all drives option assures that system manages pagefile depending on its need.
But there’s a catch sometimes pagefiles grow big so it’s better that you manually set pagefile, if you do a lot of work and or you an advanced user wanting a little more performance out of your windows based PCs or Laptops.

Custom sizes option require you to know minimum and maximum limits. Those are listed below in the same tab under Total Paging size for all drives you can look there and set the sizes as per your requirement.

System manage size option allows the OS to determine values on its own and is similar to the first option.

No PageFile option this one is for people having a bigger RAM stick be it 4GB or above because Windows doesn’t require paging if your Laptops or PCs have such RAM as they will use only physical RAM.

Conclusion:- As PC hardware can be upgraded don’t depend on the hardware only but this tweak is for those who are stuck with low-end stuff or mid-end stuff.


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